The Challenge

As a relatively small beer brewer, how do you hijack the FIFA World Cup without the budgets of the main sponsor?


Our Guiding Idea was quite radical, as we focused on a totally overlooked part of the audience: Dutch women. Our main hero? A unique premium, the Bavaria DutchDress: a simple but sexy orange dress which in the end wasn’t only fun for women as men enjoyed it as well. By organizing a Trojan horse stunt during a big game Bavaria managed to stir up both national and international press. 


Bavaria sales got a huge impulse, thanks to the campaign and the premium. The volume increased more than the market and the penetration of Bavaria cans has grown substantially, by a little over 33%. During the campaign, over 200,000 premium-packages were sold, which was over 2.5 times the target. But most important, the customer profile of Bavaria buyers changed to a far younger group, which was one of the main goals when starting the campaign. In the end, the total beer market volume increased 12% during the World Cup, while Bavaria’s increase was 41%.

And also... the DutchDress became the most discussed premium during the World Cup, ‘Bavaria’ became trending topic on Twitter, and ‘Bavariameisje’ (Bavaria girl) was nominated for Dutch Word of the Year.

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