A4 West

The Challenge

In 2013 Bavaria re-introduced 0.0% alcohol beer nationwide in petrol stations. How could we spread this message on a national scale without any budget for national television or radio commercials?


For one week, we transformed a petrol station into a cosy bar and dubbed it ‘Cafe A4 West’ (the name of the highway). The first highway-cafe ever to open its doors. Transforming a petrol station into a bar exaggerates in an eye-catching and sympathetic manner the fact that everybody can now buy beer at Dutch petrol stations.


We only used one petrol station, for one week, for our promotional campaign. But the largest part of the Dutch population was able to witness this: many TV stations, websites and blogs reported on our bar and beer. Making everybody realize ‘why put up with the coffee corner if you can have a beer!’.

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