De Bijenkorf
De Dwaze Rij

The Challenge

What's the best way to attract as many Facebook fans as possible by announcing our yearly sale event the Drie Dwaze Dagen (Three Crazy Days), and how do we stimulate people to order sale booklets at the same time?


We chose ‘greed’ as Guiding Idea for De Bijenkorf. Each year the Drie Dwaze Dagen lead to huge queues in front of our stores. The Dwaze Rij (Crazy Queue) is the online equivalent of the actual queue. One difference, in this queue you could obtrude, based on a simple dice game. The catch? The person who ended up in first place, was allowed to enter the real store before everyone else, with a Bijenkorf giftcard worth 1.000,- euro.


With minimal use of external communication means over 23.000 people joined or online queue and over 7000 booklets were ordered. These 23000 people played over 300.000 battles. This lead to over 16.000 new fans, and with over 2.000.000 visitors for our campaign site we started our sales event with a huge head start. We moved the traditional queue in front of our stores to the web, without losing it’s craziness. Because, who stills shops in-store?

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